Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Moving and rebuilding my site (for the first time since 10/04) has proved the literal "learning how to walk all over again." Of course, I feel guilty just uttering those words- when people are doing just that, returning from this phony, illegal, immoral war with problems that overshadow mine by the proverbial leaps and bounds.

Then again, I can't help feeling it in many small ways everyday as one embarks on the "downward arc" of life's journey, and technology continues to spiral ever upward like the virus that replicates uncontrollably until it devours its host. And that said... great to be back!

Didn't think I'd be gone quite this long, and yes, I was (as predicted) in sheer and utter computer hell. The Mac I inherited not only couldn't run my film scanner, it couldn't run my sitebuilder software. After researching much, nearly useless information on various software and operating systems, after questioning and arguing with various 20 yr olds at the local Mac daddy store (who would supply contradictory info and answers on subsequent days and weeks), and after conversing with representatives from various unknown countries on the phone, I finally ended up having to buy a brand new pc- the very last thing I could have predicted, or afforded... only to find that Vista would also not accomodate my Yahoo sitebuilder software (still haven't checked out the scanner)!

Which brings me to my happy new home here in the "public housing" of blogdom. Incidentally, it was public housing that was actually built to withstand the onslaught of hurricanes like Katrina- and they won't be building much of them in New Orleans anymore. But I digress...

One of the unfortunate things, (besides all the extra work) about starting over is that there's no easy way to transfer all my archives- so I'll occasionally "repackage" those most relevant in a "greatest hits" sort of manner (eg- will soon repost list of favorite photographers). And it's nice to actually have a comments section, which I heartily encourage- except for the one asshole who always seems to pick out a particular site (of course, with my luck, I'll be "fortunate" to even have one of those).

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