Thursday, December 20, 2007

Person of the Year!

The very first time I saw Mr. Putin's face I instantly heard a rather well known Spanish saying echoing in my head- "Hijo de la gran puta!" Rough translation- Son of a bitch! And now the owner of that very infamous mug (which allowed our very own son of a bitch to peer into the depths of its very soul) has been chosen as The Time Person of the Year.

I recall reading years back, before having ascended to Russia's number one slot, how Mr. Putin was repeatedly overheard shouting, "More vodka! More hookers!" while vacationing in the great outdoors one summer, right here in the good ol' USA (change the vodka to beer, and you come up with W's college rendition).

PS- Anyone recall this portrait of his equally evil twin? And I wonder if Mr. Platon will be visiting Mother Russia anytime soon- then again, este hijo de gran puta probably revels in his Time depiction...

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