Wednesday, December 19, 2007

DAYLIGHT Magazine- Issue #6

Paul Shambroom

The latest issue of Daylight magazine is nothing short of phenomenal! I usually think twice before buying any photo magazine these days, the content rarely warranting the cost. But at ten dollars, The Atomic Issue is a bargain for what you get- every short essay here is an absolute gem, and the reproduction values practically lush. This edition reads like a greatest hits compilation of (mostly) new and vintage work by: Harold Edgerton, Paul Shambroom, Pierpaol Mittica, Ramin Talaie, Jurgen Nefzger, Hiroshi Watanabe, Richard Ross, Yosuke Yamhata, Simon Roberts, Robert Del Tredici, and Carole Gallagher. A lot of ground is covered in this wee little volume, both photographically and historically, as to the the continued ramifications of our post atomic world.

You may even place this issue together with your fine art/documentary books...
PS- And there's a small treasure trove of photographic wonders to link to above.

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