Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lost in the Dark

One of the things I really regret not doing in life is writing down all the movies I've seen each year- a plethora of vital little pieces of my life (many quite favorable indeed) that I can't even remember... No way I can recall just the movies I saw this year alone!

Anyway, one I do remember (because it was both so good and so recent) is Gone, Baby, Gone.
Operating under the "every dog has his day" school of life, Ben Affleck turns in one absolutely masterful directorial debut. There aren't too many directors around, whatever their calibre or experience, that could've handled and delivered one little scene in a classic dive of a bar that goes from uneasy, to familiar, to downright chilling in a very personal manner that had yours truly squirming as to how to make haste...
The rest of the movie aint bad either- small time movie making via grand Greek tragedy at its best.

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