Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Peter de Krom

Photo: Peter de Krom

Give me an interestingly composed photo with a subtle, wry sense of humor and I'm all yours- hook, line and sinker... And of all the notable work that stood out at Photoville this year, the one guy whose work immediately drew my attention was Peter de Krom's conga lines of elders merrily scooting about colorful suburban landscapes. His website (in Dutch) may not be particularly easy to navigate for most- but it does lead to some nice surprises. Think Parr meets Carl de Keyzer!

Of course, if your name is not Erwitt, Parr or the guy with the dogs, humor and "serious" photography are seldom breathed in the same sentence. It's the demimonde of lowly street photographers, snapshot shooters and the generally ill and inbred. Photography's continued legacy of self imposed insecurity in the art world pantheon has deemed that humor must be limited to a precious, sanctioned few- proper decorum and respectability must be preserved and maintained. So kudos to Peter for spreading the humor, and letting us all breathe a little easier...

Photo: Peter de Krom

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