Saturday, October 25, 2014

Dumb Ass GONE GIRL Movie

From the rave reviews, I thought this flick (which I knew nothing about) was gonna be some type of good (which kind, I didn't know)- damn, did I guess wrong. It started out as one of those 1940 girl meets guy (guy meets girl?) movies where each one outdoes the other by being twice as cute and clever in their dueling repartee. Fall madly in love, get married, then not so much, then... oh, oh- watch out...

I knew it- he's a cheating, wife beating fuck. NO- WAIT! Is she a crazed, lunatic psycho? No... yes! NO... YES!!! She's a super duper, have that Fatal Attraction bitch for lunch, Ultra Psycho?!!! And what's a guy to do?

Comic book lazy "surprise" plot. I wasn't the only guy laughing in the end on this one- again, so why the rave reviews??? At best, surprisingly misogynistic- unfortunately, thoroughly lame.

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