Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mark Page- Man On A Mission

A YEAR IN PROVENCE 2013- Mark Page
HENS 2013- Mark Page
Mark Page, me ol' mate from across the pond  (my best Cockney impersonation- even though, it should well be noted he hails from Manchester*) and collaborator at Expiration Notice has been a most busy man of late. Not only has he created a series of brilliant and exquisitely tongue in cheek Still Lives, he has also set about single handedly establishing the much adulated and critically acclaimed Museum of Takeaway Menu Art (MoTMA)- yes, complete with requisite gift shop, interactive family education center and related art sundries.

Again, nice to see someone operating with a sense of humor out there- and coming up with the goods to show for it! Can't keep a good man down...

*would call him a Manc- but hesitate upon reading these "definitions." Are there really that many Manc haters out there, Mark!?!?

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mark page said...

Well technically I'm from Salford which makes me a Salfordian. Anyone famous from Manchester chances are they are actually from Salford. Manchester is of course much larger and more brassy. I've heard it referred to as 'Salford's parasitic twin.