Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sterling and The Snoop

Never thought I would laud the actions of Snoop Dog over those of...  The NAACP!!! While racist Whites would no doubt twist and construe his response as racist, hate speech against the ever oppressed White man, what I particularly admire about it is the succinct, rather restrained and totally appropriate message and delivery- completely honest, forthright and... on task.

Much rarer in public nowadays, are the all out, white foamed harangues associated with the KKK. Whenever most Whites now deliver their racist commentary, it's usually done with cleverly substituted code words and terminology; the epithet laden, emotional vitriol is absent, but the deep down, ill founded hatred still percolates. Snoop's response, as passionate and from the heart as it is, isn't filled with the insane hatred that constitutes the very heart of racism, it isn't a generalized statement condemning an entire group of people- it is a very measured, almost clinical response to the individual racist who inspired it.

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