Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Plain As Black And White...

Experts tell us that the dynamic range in digital capture is now every bit the equal of film. And since I've never ever done 100% B&W digital workflow- who am I to argue?

So I'll just say this: it's downright peculiar that bad B&W darkroom prints could look bad in a THOUSAND different ways (I know- I probably invented a few), and bad digital prints tend to have that same telltale signature badness- washed out highlights in scenes of high contrast along with overall tonal gradations that seem to have been reduced from somewhere around infinite to about, ohhh... half a dozen. Really freakin' weird that so many are getting it so wrong... the same exact way!

PS- Guess I answered my own question... instead of countless repetitions of every different kind of bad- we now have countless repetitions of one kinda bad. Now that there's Progress!!!

Update: Ode to Tri-X.

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