Thursday, March 13, 2014


They're finally (FINALLY) making digital cameras that are not only competent image makers, but also quite the lookers! After more than a decade of suffering through countless reiterations of plastic looking blobs of oversized DSLR's, digital is also finally starting to make good on its long standing promise of performance, convenience and size.

Fuji is no doubt in the lead with those things looking good; the gorgeous X100s, the formidable X-Pro1, and now... the ever delectable X-T1!!! Have already alluded to just how much I want this baby- the first digital I've ever truly lusted for...

And I sure wouldn't mind having the OMD 10 as an everyday sports car, it's one very petite, very competent cutie- just wish their 12mm didn't cost as much as the damn body (there goes the savings). This new crop of winners, with more to follow for sure, is something to finally get excited about for those fortunate enough to imbibe.

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