Sunday, March 9, 2014

Cannon Fodder

It's amazing (ie- disgusting, outrageous, blatantly criminal) how our military continues to treat its very own as subhuman expendables, time and time and time again... From marching them straight into atomic bombs, to Gulf War Syndrome, to Fukushima. I damn well saw this coming, why didn't their commanding officers have the basic human decency to prevent such an obvious threat to the health and well being of their own men and women?

And then you have the chorus of lying hypocritical bastards crying out about how many lives Edward Snowden may be responsible for!?!? Why do we live in fear of an Al Qaeda dirty bomb when our very own leaders jump to send their own countrymen ill informed and unequipped into a radioactive danger zone- and then deny them basic medical care for the years of pain and suffering that was guaranteed should they live to tell the tale???? You don't have to spend millions to send drones to far off Yemen to find monsters that will gleefully kill Americans- they live right here in our own ranks...

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jurassicpork said...

I guaran-fucking-tee you, Stan, most of those poor, hapless bastards they sent to the deck of the Ron Reagan were bo'sun's mates. After the SEALs, I was made a bo'sun's mate (IBM: Instant Bo'sun's Mate) and that is exactly the kind of dangerous shit they'd order us to do.