Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Outrage, Disbelief, Utter Frustration...

Just a few of the emotions unleashed from the Trayvon Martin verdict. In a state where the lead prosecutor has a long history of incarcerating juveniles of color and goes out of her way to prosecute a twelve year old as an adult, where "stand your ground" is law, but a Black woman is imprisoned for twenty years for merely firing a warning shot at a husband about to attack- there is no way that gun stalking, cop wannabe George Zimmerman would have walked had he faced the full force of a competent, dedicated prosecution team. No way would you be giving back the same gun to a man who killed an innocent minor whose only crime was to "stand his ground" and attempt to defend himself from a stalker who emerged from his vehicle to physically confront him. 

No way would they have left that courtroom without convicting a murderer, or at the very least, exposing outright the utter hypocrisy and inconsistency of that state's legal system.

A cop's take...

If  Trayvon had been White and Zimmerman Black...  (I know, I know- try and suppress the laughter).

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