Friday, July 5, 2013

Michel Bayard's Miniature Marvels

Photo: Michel Bayard
Photo: Michel Bayard
Michel Bayard sells his small pinhole prints mounted on 8X10 on New York's newest and most remarkably serene tourist attraction, The High Line. His quirky, miniaturized landscapes of NYC (many made from plastic 35mm film canisters) make for some uniquely quaint photographs full of mystery and delight- and at $20 apiece, are well worth every penny.

I started engaging him in conversation (the same questions he's heard countless times I'm sure), when he cut me short and announced, "I know what your next question is- no, I don't." He was right, of course; I was about to ask him for his card, as he himself let on.

Undeterred, I resumed picking out my fave, and purchased it. He then proceeded to present me with a smile, and a card- "Don't buy nothin', don't get nothin'." 

A true New Yorker.

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