Thursday, July 4, 2013


Like errant children denying their guilt when caught red handed with fireworks, so go our official investigative agencies when it involves those close to their realm. 

The video below concerning TWA Fl# 800 documents a step by step accounting of how government agencies supposedly under public scrutiny can nevertheless coerce witnesses, subvert investigatory procedures, and suppress and alter facts involving investigations where the evidence is readily available, and explainable. And yet, people continue to insist that the government could never keep a secret as large as UFO's under wraps.

Ask Mr. Snowden about what does, and (and more importantly, these days) doesn't happen when the truth gets out. Then ask why so few dare to risk it all. Does it really take any stretch of the imagination as to what investigative and governmental abuses and aberrations can occur concerning true phenomena when not under the microscope of the public eye? Law enforcement that threatens both livelihood (careers, pensions, grants) and well being (convenient "accidents"), together with a media both complacent and complicit (automatic ridicule, condemnation or avoidance): the perfect marriage, the perfect nightmare.

FBI Investigator: "No, you didn't see that."

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