Thursday, May 16, 2013

THE Classic Camera

Every time the topic of beautiful classic film cameras comes up, the usual suspects are mentioned (eg- Leica M's, the Nikon F, chrome Hasselblads, etc) and one very obvious contender rarely gets mentioned, except as some kind of freakish asterisk- even though it is one of the most beautiful, unique and ingenious devices, let alone cameras, ever created. I am, of course, speaking of that miniature marvel unto itself- The Minox "Spy" Camera

Early on it caught my prepubescent eye and has really never really let go. It's an extraordinarily clever design, composed of clean lines, classic curves and metallic good looks that are a pleasure to behold to this day. Dashingly elegant, sexy and cute, friend of spy, photographer and collector alike; they were miniature technological harbingers of a future that promised anything was possible. 

Looking at one today, they resemble nothing less than shrunken time capsules- a semi precious object one would hope and expect to find somewhere within the confines of an actual, long lost... time capsule!

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