Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lunar Fail

Now I've seen my share of ugly cameras (eg- ye olde Petri SLR, Leica R8, almost every DSLR, etc), but since first learning of this, all I can think is that there has to be more than meets the eye here- because this product certainly puts a whole world of hurt on anyone fool enough to look. And yet look we must, for something so absolutely hideous, so contrary to the laws of nature and aesthetics has seldom ever been put together by the hand of man. And as butt freakin' fugly as it is, one can't possibly help but enjoy, and laugh so wonderfully free of any ethical, pc, humanist guilt whatsoever; free to callously ridicule this cancerous, man made freak of greed and laziness!

This must be, has to be, can no way otherwise but be, some kinda Swedish super scam that will conveniently allow them to fold and make a bundle under the likes of their godless, socialist economy. Otherwise, why would a well respected, legacy camera company take someone else's aging camera (soon to be replaced by an even better version), doll it up in the worst drag ensembles imaginable, and then try to make a killing on it? Here we are in the 21st. century, and we have an entire company engaged in nothing less than magical thinking, as if those extra added luxury globs of leather, wood and... plastic are actually going to convert into exotic, luxury megapixels, and mega dollars. We're not that stupid, dentists are not that stupid- even the smoldering mutant remains of Hasselblad can't possibly be that stupid! So... just how do they fold and collect in what promises to be a very short, long term run?

The reviews are pretty much Unanimous!

Avert your eyes!


Noah Beil said...

So does that mean you aren't going to buy one?

Stan B. said...

Alas, the only problem here is- which one of these beauties does one buy? How can one possibly choose but one?

Naturally, if I had my way, I'd buy one for every day of the week- I would simply get up and pick the one best matching my ensemble that particular day. But life is cruel...

Actually, this reminds me of a line from Sanford and Son: "Beauty is only skin deep- but ugly goes down to the bone."