Sunday, May 12, 2013

Teach Gets Schooled

As a teacher, this is the kind of student you pray to have in your class- and this lazy ass seat warmer doesn't know it, can't see it, wants nothing to do with it. So what the hell is she doing in front of a class... except carrying out our nationwide "education" policy to pass standardized tests.


Binbaz said...

As a teacher myself, I gotta say that "seat warmer" is kind. The most alarming part of this had nothing to do with that "teacher": not one of his classmates stood with him. It would have even been a bit more encouraging if the other students had defended the teacher. Anything would have been better than this sad display. Without real participation there is no real democracy.

Stan B. said...

Unfortunately, that teacher is more successful than she realizes as a role model. She has incorporated the lazy, disinterested and complacent attitudes of most in society (in turn magnified and emulated by youth) and fed it right back to them.

That's why not a one defended him, everyone going into that classroom goes in there to fall into the womb of default mode. He made the mistake of thinking he could actually learn there, be challenged, possibly inspired- that's not in the curriculum of many a classroom.

Eric Rose said...

Video has been removed.