Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sanity vs Death In The New Year

I HOPE the new year brings in some new gun control measures, other than the usual cosmetics. The previous "ban" on assault rifles had a loophole so big that all they had to do was change the shape of the rifle stock- the rest of the rifle was every bit the freakin' same! And you could and still can get practically any gun you want, with however much ammo you desire at any gun fair- and for a few bucks under the table, they'll hook ya up with the full auto conversion kit. Nice! By the way- no waiting periods or background checks at those gun shows... Real nice!!! Don't have the few extra bucks after buying your dream arsenal du jour? No worries-- full auto with... a mere rubber band!

You need a license and registration (not to mention a minimum test of proficiency and insurance- now there's an idea) to operate and own a motorized means of transportation- but to own an outright instrument of death and destruction... You're fuckin' with my god given rights as an AMERICAN!

Meanwhile the NRA continues its full steam ahead, one note only explanations and reassurances... MORE GUNS!

Lots more! Armed security in: schools, movie theaters, shopping malls, restaurants, churches and I personally hope they go for having them in all public restrooms (I've seem some really suspicious characters in them things). It didn't work at Columbine- and how many more do ya think would have been saved at Aurora if they had armed guards and/or an armed audience shooting in the dark at a black clad, armed assailant shooting in the midst of a crowd! Don't wanna think about the "You shot my girlfriend" revenge killings..

Yet, these four million delusional fanatics, through their propaganda and bought politicians, actually swear it would have saved lives! Sanity vs Death...

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