Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Virus That Is Mankind

I suppose I should be just as ever the more outraged by the amount of human suffering openly visible on the streets of any major city on any given day. I suppose it is, in fact, the every day commonality of it all, and our everyday indifference- particularly since it is we ourselves who have purposely designed and created our very own living hell on earth, which we perpetuate throughout every succeeding generation.

Nevertheless, this disturbed me to my core. To see this majestic, and most graceful of animals suffer such an agonizingly slow and painful death in the poisonous toxic remains that we have so casually made of our earthly home- a scene that was repeated countless times in the Gulf of Mexico (courtesy of BP), and annually in Japan by the thousands.

Our very planet is dying all around us and all we can think of are our god given rights to own iPhones and semiautomatics. The human experiment was a brave and noble experiment, and it would be truly heartbreaking to witness our own demise- but better us (and infinitely more noble) than the entire planet, and better sooner, while it may still have a chance...


arbus said...

The other day I watched the video of a dolphin who approached a diver in Hawaii for help to remove a fishing line that entangled the dolphin.

A few years ago I gave up eating meat, mostly for health reasons. But now my moral objection is as strong.

It's depressing to think of the daily suffering of both man an animal, especially when it s our short sightedness and greed at work. That is what will ultimately spell the end for man on earth. Gotta happen somehow - astroid, pandemic or climate change. Pity it will be the one we could have avoided.

Stan B. said...

I feel bad enough that I eat 'em- but what turns my stomach are things like: shark finning, tusk poaching, torturing animals in confined quarters for our amusement (and/or consumption), poisoning and eliminating their natural habitats.

We're a species without respect for itself, so it's little wonder that we have no qualms in the maltreatment and destruction of others. I certainly hope we're never allowed off this planet before conquering our own lust for destruction- the one thing humans truly excel at.