Saturday, December 15, 2012

Happy Holidays From The Land Of The Free!!!

Where We Train (and shoot 'em) As Young As Possible!

As every gun enthusiast knows, the more guns we have, and the more powerful they are, the safer we all become in this God fearing country- simple logic that is clearly proven over and over again every time we have a mass shooting with dozens of slaughtered innocents.

Everyone knows that 20yr old could have killed just as many little kids (and adults) with a sharp stick or his bare hands in the same amount of time- had he wanted to! Ready access to firearms is crucial to this great country's safety, security and peace of mind


Eric Rose said...

My take on America and their guns.

Years back in Scotland a similar thing happened. People were so shocked and sickened over 100,000 hand guns were voluntarily handed in to police for destruction. In America the gun lobby says the answer is to arm even more people. It appears to the rest of the world that many Americans are addicted to their guns and as addicts can not see how twisted their logic is. Hiding behind the 2nd Amendment is just a crutch. It's meaning has been so twisted by the NRA it's a crime in itself. The NRA's propaganda is well funded and very effective it appears.

I believe there is something in the American constitution about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Drug cartels should invest in the same propaganda to lobby American policy makers and the public at large. It's a persons constitutional right to be able to buy and use heroin. It's part of their pursuit of happiness. Ridiculous I know. But not much different than what the NRA has been successful at doing.

Years ago I was a member of the NRA. A life time Master class marksman. I was on the Canadian National Rifle Team for many years. To say guns were a big part of my life for many years would not be an understatement. However growing up in Canada I had a totally different attitude towards them. To me they were recreational firearms. Not weapons. Sure I hunted but the killing turned me off so I gave it up. I do not look down on those that enjoy hunting, it's just not for me. I do however have a problem with the types that think they are some sort of para-military trooper out on a search and destroy mission. There is something very twisted going on there.

In my opinion assault rifles have no place outside the military. Period. With the exception of assault rifles, America needs an attitude adjustment more than they need more gun laws. In Britain and Canada we get along just fine without the firepower many Americans feel is the bare minimum. Our societies are also much more peaceful. It's our attitude towards our fellow man that is different not our lack of guns.

I have many American friends and I know not all Americans are gun nuts, however this tornado of violence and hyper aggressive reaction to any provocation has to stop before any real change will take place. When I say "gun nut" I don't mean the person who like me has (had) 16 rifles and several handguns for target shooting and hunting but the testosterone junkie cavemen that feel more manly when they are brandishing rifles or packing a Glock on their hip.

Stan B. said...

Thanks, Eric. Yes, we have created and funded this lethal mindset, and then armed it. This country is sick. We can no longer distinguish fact from fantasy, fame from infamy. We interpret kindness as weakness, violence as logic, money the ultimate measure of success.

It has infected all of us, I know there are traces of it in me. I hope these innocents did not die in vain, but this country no longer strives to understand or better itself, it merely seeks its own self aggrandizement.