Monday, March 26, 2012

Analog Days- John Harding

Photo: John Harding

There's a helluva lot going on in John Harding's photos: multiple reflections, clashing colors, streaming lights, people lost in the everyday details of their lives... It's all the above, and more- a highly concentrated kind of energy that is simultaneously anxious and contemplative, lending a somewhat surreal edge to all the on going dramas bouncing about the frame.

Must confess, I had long forgotten the name. One sees much street photography that relies on a single formula, Harding's work mixes it up, with content, composition and yes, color, all vying and battling it out for domination, or the creation of some tenuous, dynamic coexistence. It draws you in, excites you and keeps you interested. Most of this work was done in decades past, but Analog Days is a joy to look at anytime! Last year I was anxiously awaiting to fall in absolute love with an upcoming book on street photography- it just didn't happen the way I imagined...

Photo: John Harding


Blake Andrews said...

Have you seen the actual book, Stan? I love his work but I'm a bit leery of shelling out $60 sight unseen. I think it's probably good but as we know there are a lot of ways to screw up a book. Curious to hear your thoughts if you've seen a copy.

Stan B. said...

Hear you loud and clear, Blake. Are there books with better reproductions- yes. But I am quite happy with these- as I am with the whole book... money well spent far as I'm concerned! OK, OK- I confess... I paid for it with a... gift card!!!

All seriousness- would have definitely bought it on my own dime. Approx 80 plates (approx 8X11 in ea), edited by- Henry Wessel. This one's a keeper (unlike say, the VM book), don't think you'll be disappointed.