Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Two Compilations

The City Becoming and Decaying is a book by eighteen photographers of The Ostkreuz Agency. Somewhat uneven in presentation, style and viewpoint (as are most compilations), it explores how cities worldwide grow, implode and change. Some of the work leaves me cold, not because the cities themselves can be seen as bleak or desolate, but because I find the particular photographic style unengaging- although there is much here to be commended. Indeed, some of the work from the "bleakest" of cities is the most engaging.

XL Photography 4- as in extra large, and not cheap- the reproductions top notch, most bordering on the exquisite. It showcases a wide variety of photographers, styles and subject matter- and not all of them current. Not sure if there's an actual theme going on here, and although you probably won't like everything, there are enough remarkable images to be found to keep you coming back again and again. A handsome, worthwhile addition to anyone's photographic library.

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