Monday, January 30, 2012

Arthur Tress- San Francisco 1964

Arthur Tress, street photographer? Yeah, well- who knew? One of the original photographic surrealists of the early '70s (along with: Ralph Gibson, Jerry Uelsmann, Duane Michals, and Les Krims), seems he originally got his chops shooting on the street just like Joel "Large Format" Meyerowitz. And it seems Gary Winogrand isn't the only photographer to have a monograph devoted solely to that particular year. So much for the name dropping...

Photo: Arthur Tress- San Francisco 1964

I suppose one could say that many a successful example of street photography contains a good hint of surrealism, as do many in Arthur Tress- San Francisco 1964, but one of the included square format photographs (above) seems less to do with street photography, and much more indicative of the full fledged surrealism that would soon become his hallmark. That said, this is quite the admirable book, perfect size, handsome reproductions, and Mr. Tress is quite the commendable street shooter- pretty amazing to see how the then evolving language of street photography had already been delineated and refined to such a polished extent even prior to its golden era.

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