Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Camera To Consider?

Some interesting, compact and tempting cameras like the Canon G1X (if it weren't so fugly) are finally starting to come around now, but ask someone to design their ultimate camera, and they're oft times likely to get carried away with a Phase One sensor stuffed in a Canon s100 body with an 18-500mm equivalent zoom. All well and good, but this here's one that can be made in the here and now- and would most definitely sell... And you could make two versions of it that could easily fit in a medium sized shoulder bag with room to spare and fill most needs except for the super telephoto, super motor drive crowd.

Much as I love the Fujifilm X100 and X-Pro- why hasn't anyone tried something damn similar (in size, sensor, VF, etc) except... it would have a fixed zoom lens, let's make it even simpler- a fixed varifocal lens optimized for the wide angle spectrum with 20, 28 and 35 equivalent click stops; and another body with a 50, 85, 110 equivalent lens optimized for those focal lengths. Two metal cameras with knobs and dials, optimum build and IQ- digital updates of Fuji's old fixed zoom 645s! Both could go for around 2 grand each (the WA may cost a tad more due to optical design); I'd only need one for my needs- and I'd be able to retire with it. And how 'bout a limited edition run w/B&W only sensors?!

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