Monday, February 15, 2010

Canteen Photo Competition

I don't have much luck in photo competitions, and I don't enter many. Unfortunately, hope springs eternal, so sometimes I do go through the motions for those I kid myself into thinking I've got half a chance in hell at. So I'll refrain from going into the details (again) of how my submission was once "accidentally discarded with the recycling-" although I still haven't forgiven myself for actually having entered a Planet magazine contest at $15 per photo...

So it was incredible to get this email the other day from Stephen Pierson, publisher of Canteen magazine, who has taken a rather novel and refreshing approach to running a competition. I asked him if I could run it here, or if that would be considered trying to "curry favor." He assured me it was not a problem, the judges far removed and sequestered in isolation booths. So by all means, take a shot, enter and support what certainly seems a rather fresh and perhaps model approach towards replacing the usual money grab endeavor where contestants are treated as chattel!

Dear entrants:
We at Canteen are tired of photography competitions that are judged entirely behind locked darkroom doors. This lack of transparency routinely allows friends, cousins, former interns, and the occasional love interest of judges to win photography competitions.

In response, we are trying to foster a spirit of openness with our small contest. In that spirit, an update:
So far we have received 42 entries. 35 of these entrants have uploaded images.
You can view all uploaded images here:
We will try to update this page twice per week.
Keep in mind that these are not final submissions--they may be altered up until our midnight February 28 deadline.
Email me if you wish to have your images removed from this listing, or posted more anonymously.
Let me know if you have any questions or feedback.
Thanks for entering!

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