Thursday, January 21, 2010

State of the Art

Even before the earthquake, I often thought time spent on photography, art, etc, somewhat obscene when so many around us lost jobs, homes and health (care) here in this country- and so many worse off elsewhere. And as much as part of me feels that just about everything should just shut down until everyone in Haiti has food, water and medical care- hell, Haiti was a major tragedy well before this earthquake. It has been since its very inception, when every major country sought to punish blacks for even thinking of standing up and fighting back. Punished through trade embargoes, forced financial debts, military occupations, and foreign based and financed coups. It was meant to be hell on earth, by everyone but the Haitian people. Funny, David Brooks failed to mention any of that.

Fortunately, most people don't frequent this site for the latest in news of any kind, and though any number of my posts on any given day might be viewed as somewhat of a "downer," the occasional update and contribution is, and will be, the very least anyone can do- this tragedy, after all, will be with them (I dare not say us) for days, months, years to come...

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