Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scary Shit

Some people will dismiss the following straight out of hand. It's just too damn scary. I can understand that; some people just can't go there. Others will dismiss it simply because it's too unbelievable- the stuff of wild irresponsible "conspiracy theories." That I cannot excuse.

This long standing human travesty would have been readily dismissed- had it not been so well documented- and exposed while still ongoing. This program from hell would have never seen the light of day had not its very head so fondly bragged of his exploits. And this proposed US military program against the very people they're sworn to defend never reached fruition due to direct presidential intervention! And yes, there are still others- not to mention the radiation experiments President Clinton officially apologized for...

So when Evil the likes that Nick Bryant has investigated (involving children and the powers that be) comes along, we have the options of complete and adamant denial, or healthy skepticism combined with the willingness to confront the boundaries that define our usual paradigms of common decency, humanity, and uhhh... "patriotism." And if that doesn't faze ya- just ask yourself why the FBI and CIA has had decades long involvement not in investigating these allegations, but in quashing any government investigations. 

The following testimony (A, B, C) from The Presidential Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experimentation in Wash, DC 3/15/95 also provides further insight into traumatic psychological experimentation :

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