Tuesday, November 24, 2009

QUOTE Of The...

Puerto Ricans are the dirtiest, laziest, most degenerate and thievish race of men ever inhabiting this sphere... I have done my best to further the process of extermination by killing off eight and transplanting cancer into several more... All physicians take delight in the abuse and torture of the unfortunate subjects.  -- Dr. Cornelius P. Rhoads, Chief Pathologist, The Rockefeller Institute

Maybe the guy did have a heart, after all he did call them "unfortunate." Anyway, after his little experiment in 1931 that killed 13 Puerto Ricans with cancer, Dr. Rhoads  went on to head two chemical warfare projects in the '40s, granted a seat on the Atomic Energy Commission... and awarded a Legion of Merit Medal- not to mention that suitable for framing TIME cover!

BTW- let's not forget the infamous Tuskegee Experiment which finally came to an end in the '70s, thanks to a whistleblower. Otherwise, it would have simply been blown off as yet another whacko "conspiracy theory," at best. Or as the most venerable Don King would sayOnly in America!

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