Thursday, November 26, 2009

Not Your Daily, Narcissistic, Celebrity Photo Op

Photo: Emilio Morenatti

I've previously commented on how true Christians (like the Amish who forgave and sought to console the family of the shooter who killed their children) seek to forgive- but this goes straight to my primitive reptilian, vengeance receptors. Perhaps it's ignorant of me to say, but it seems that even children of sexual abuse can have very real hopes of recovery- and need not be reminded of it each and every minute of every single day. The cowardly subhumans who purposely mutilate women's bodies with acid should be confined for the rest of their natural lives, and the survivors should be granted every opportunity imaginable to lead fruitful productive lives in the manner of their choosing. The latter, of course, is stating the obvious- but what words can possibly convey the depravity of such crimes, and the immensity of such suffering? And how many will, in fact, be granted that opportunity?

Look upon these survivors and know that within them lies a depth of humanity seldom acheived on earth. Think about their plight, and ours, and do consider donating as we celebrate this Thanksgiving day. And much thanks to TYWKIWDBI for bringing this to our attention...

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