Saturday, August 15, 2009

Future Of The Street (In B/W & Color)

Photo: Philip-Lorca diCorcia

Stating that street photography (that generalized, all encompassing term which is more misleading than identifying) is passe, is not unlike stating that portraiture is dead, or landscape, or... The term "street photography" can, in fact, encompass portraiture (candid or otherwise), (urban) landscape, or those often surreal juxtapositions and "decisive moments" that only occur in crowded, chaotic urban environments.

These shows attest to all the above, and while street photography in all its variations has long been dethroned from defining and encompassing the vanguard of photographic art- it will continue to help define our humanity, history and culture... and be limited (like any other art form) only by the creativity of its practitioners.

PS- It's also refreshing to see how a certain blogger now attests to having little preference as to B&W or color- it wasn't that long ago when he stated that he didn't much care for B&W "except in extreme cases." Perhaps as he evolves he may even develop a certain fondness for art wherever its made, even when it passes him on the street.


Benjamin said...

Ah you must be talking about that pesky duckrabbit boy.

Think your black and white photos that he seems to feature so often on his blog must have swung him.


Stan B. said...

No, not the duckrabbit boy, Benjamin. I still hold out a measure of hope for him. I was referring to... dang, I've been so apprehensive about misspelling his name in the past, it kinda just evades me completely at the moment!

Andy said...

you mean this blogger?

sorry, this one?

Stan B. said...

The first one's too good looking to be a blogger. The second one... Hhmmm, isn't that Elvis Costello?