Thursday, March 5, 2009


Monday evening some little anonymous dick headquartered in Taiwan launched an all out spam attack on yours truly. Fortunately, I was able to thwart the little shit in the act, throwing up every Blogger comment security/spam guard into effect before the little twit exhausted himself. He managed to spam a good quarter of my blog, and I don't know how these things operate- whether he had an active, real time hand in it, or just let loose some malevolent spambot into the blogoshere. Hope it was the former, cause I certainly had more fun slamming his sad and sorry attempt at affirming his own existence then did he trying to... whatever it is these twits think they do.

I guess R-F has finally come of age! So keep in mind folks, Big Brother commentary protocol is now up and running- and Anonymity is officially verboten! Otherwise- comment away! Other bloggers with their defenses down may want to reconsider...

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