Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Volume 2 is now online and looking good! And how could it not, with photographers the likes of: Seba Kurtis, Sparky Campanella, Tim Atherton, and Jamie Drouin- amongst others.

Expiration Notice receives no sponsorships or grants of any kind- and my partner and I are hardly power names in the industry. We'd like to keep this going as long as possible, so if you like what you see and what we stand for- please, continue to submit, tune in, and tell others. That's right- we aint asking money, only your cooperation.

No, we can't publish everyone's submissions, frankly, some of them have a way to go- being of a certain age and having a group of related images does not guarantee publication. And make no doubt- the individual taste of the individual judge is always paramount, as with any other place you'd submit images. If your work needs refining, keep shooting; I've been doing it some thirty five years and I still aint got publishers and gallery dealers lining up outside my door. If you think your work is there, keep pushing it- anywhere and everywhere! And good luck to us all...

Photo: Keith Dannemiller

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