Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pirates and Furniture

So I get this email yesterday asking if I would "review" their Asian styled furniture on Reciprocity Failure- a task for which I would be handsomely paid. I wish I had a punch line for this, but really, this one's good as is, and maybe even better than the nice Nigerian fellows who all want to make me rich once I send them money.

Ah yes, the pirates! As I was reading (and rereading) said email, Thom Hartmann informed us on his radio show that those infamous Somali pirates who have been so in the news of late have quite the tale of origin... Somalia being the basically lawless state that it is, seems that Italian organized crime took to dumping all sorts of chemical and nuclear waste on their northern coastline, resulting in hundreds of Somalis dying of radiation poisoning! In addition, several countries sent their massive fishing trawlers to rape their coastlines clean of fish. So what else do fisherman do in a country awash in weapons and deprived of its one and only viable industry? Interesting, huh?

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