Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Hey! Submissions continue to come in for the first edition, and we're rather pleased the way things are shaping up! That said, all the more reason for you to submit. We're currently considering expanding our original parameters in order to show more work, and at the very least- there's always the next issue! In the meantime-

Please Note:

A number of people have been inquiring as to what actually constitutes gallery representation (unlike what constitutes being 35 & over), and after considerable debate and discussion, we've decided to forego gallery representation as a deal breaker. We're going to assume that photographers the likes of an Annie Liebowitz or Jeff Wall are not going to submit to Expiration Notice for the much needed added exposure. So for everyone else thirty five and over (except maybe Terry Richardson and Cindy Sherman), the water's fine...

Gallery representation does not figure into judging- it's about the work!

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