Monday, February 11, 2008

Unidentified Rational Consequences...

A little over a year ago several airline employees at O'Hare Airport in Chicago spotted a UFO hovering over their restricted air space before vanishing, literally leaving a hole in the cloud cover. Reports were taken, followed by the usual jokes and denials. If all the observers (in such a security conscious field) were hallucinating or promoting a hoax, why weren't they put on immediate medical leave, investigated/suspended or outright fired?

More recently, several witnesses in a small Texas town saw strange lights, and a certain machinist and cattle rancher had a very close experience with something in the sky at least three football fields in length! Although this man sounded incredibly sober, rational, and intelligent when interviewed, lets assume he's playing with half a wagon wheel- then why are helicopters and F-16s buzzing his property at all hours of night and day after the fact?

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