Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bruce Gilden

Looking at Bruce Gilden's work makes me embarrassed to be even seen with a camera. But think "romantic pictures," and this guy's not likely to rise to the top of anyone's list. Rightfully so, for his name conjures up the grittiest, in your face, street scenes of surreal, hyper-real quality. If you want to know NYC up close and personal, this guy will take you there.

That said, the couple above is far from young, or sexy, but this damn photo (like no other I've ever seen) manages to capture a love that goes well beyond mere romance, a love that will endure and transcend anything thrown it- in this mortal coil... or the next.

Happy Valentines' Day!


dR said...

Yes... lovely photograph.

Anonymous said...

Hey, does anyone know where I can get the film about Gilden that played in New York last Summer? Web searches have only led me to find that it's full title is "Misery Loves Company- The Life and Death of Bruce Gilden" by Gideon Gold.
I heard some guys on the subway talking about it and would very much like to view it.