Friday, February 29, 2008

Feeling Lucky Punk?

Ready to test your mettle? Anyone feel like submitting their ego to be stomped on, violated and spat out yet again? I remember once getting a notice stating that my photo submission had been accidentally thrown out with the recycling! Thank you very much... (puh rum pum).

Anyway, for those brave, ambitious souls amongst you, the nice people at Pause/To Begin and The Griffin Museum will be more than happy to consider and judge your work...

And Good Luck with that!

Which reminds me- with all the galleries in NYC that exhibit photography, and all the photographers and photobloggers throughout the five boroughs, how come there's never been someone, anyone that posts small reviews on at least a dozen shows a month on a regular basis? One paragraph each on three shows a week is all I'm asking from a town that hosts hundreds of photo exhibits on any given day (you get August off, natch)...

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