Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Scientists, Photographers and UFOs...

Upon relaunching my website, I considered asking one of my all time favorite photographers, Les Krims, if he was still so gun-ho about our great lord and master, The Mighty W. Certainly at this point in time, with all the subsequent needless deaths, with all the needless suffering both foreign and domestic caused by his continually inane and deluded policies, surely he would have now reconsidered. So I reread our previous correspondence in which Mr. Krims was gracious enough to indulge me in, got to his final paragraph (reprinted below), and realized there wasn't a chance, not a chance in hell.

I wouldn't worry much about my point of view winning converts. But you should take heart that it can be expressed. We live in a free country, defended at this moment by brave soldiers, and led by George Bush. It probably comes as no surprise that I believe he is absolutely doing the right thing.

So what was I thinking? Actually, this all came to mind with a recent UFO repost. I had once presented and defended my belief in UFOs (and all it entails) to a noted photo blogger (and scientist) who very emphatically cut me down for ever giving breath to such complete and utter blasphemy. It didn't matter that many of the people who had documented UFO experiences were pilots, military personnel, fellow scientists or even goddamn astronauts! It didn't matter that Dr. Allen Hyneck, the astronomer and physicist in charge of Project Blue Book (the official US Air Force "investigation" into UFOs) who was hired to discredit UFO sightings, left the program in disgust, proclaiming the need for unbiased, scientific investigation of a very real and occurring phenomena.

No sir, no need. Scientific investigation cannot, should not, in any way, for any reason, be used to evaluate the delusional ravings of ignorant, attention seekers- lest you too join their sordid ranks for even thinking as much! Case closed, end of story, go fuck yourself!

Don't think I'll be asking him to reconsider either...

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