Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ramak Fazel's American Odyssey

Ramak Fazel
Unlike Mr. Fazel, I didn't have to go outside my own state or even my own native city of New York to raise fear or suspicion. In fact, I once, single-handedly coerced a female gallery owner to flee in abject terror into the confines of the back room of her own photo gallery simply by intently looking at the photos on her walls a few weeks post 9/11, being Puerto Rican was apparently sufficient to launch her worst gallery-terrorist inspired nightmares. But I digress... No, not really.

Read photographer Ramak Fazel's insightful journey across America, as his photo/art project on our nation's capitols gathered considerably more attention than he ever imagined... Catch it if you can at The Storefront!
It'll be interesting to see- if a Democrat wins the presidency, will national security (which everyone agrees is an absolute necessity) finally be transformed into a rational, logical force for the actual benefit of its citizenry? Will Mr. Fazel's name then be taken off The List- will Ted Kennedy's?

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