Thursday, February 12, 2015

Me And My Gun!

Sometimes I just can't help myself. After reading all the PRO-GUN hype and hysteria commentary on this particular piece of Yahoo journalism... couldn't help adding my own $0.02:

Why can't people understand that you can't be a MAN in America unless you have a gun? Is that too hard to understand? American men can't feel safe, secure and masculine without having a bigger gun than the guy standing next to him. It's all there in the Constitution! 

And you have to have one to be a good Christian, Jesus was all about his guns! He never backed down- always brought his piece, and wasn't scared to use it either.

I mean, come on, take away our guns... And we're nothing!!!

UPDATE: Anytime I leave a comment anywhere on guns, it's always followed by insults, threats, and more threats. This time... crickets!?!?


Mike C said...

“Self-defense. Protect your property. Home invasions. It’s getting out of control.”

Really? Home invasions in a single wide trailer? I think we're getting to the point where "responsible gun owners" have begun to thin themselves out after all the accidental shootings I keep reading about. I can only hope.

Stan B. said...

The ones I love most are the fully auto guys who must defend against... "multiple assailants."