Friday, September 19, 2014

Don't Shoot... Going Home

Photo: © S. Banos

Actually, this elderly (White) gentleman doesn't have much to fear in that respect- as clearly evidenced here. But point most definitely... taken. Seems that except for those in complete denial (and yes, that faction always does represent in substantial numbers), there now seems to have opened a small window to which the public at large can no longer claim ignorance to the fact that maybe, just maybe, cops do treat Whites different than... the darker complected spectrum of humanity.

Reciprocity Failure will be recharging its analog batteries in the coming fortnight as I head over towards the homeland to visit the folks, participate in the largest climate march in the world to date, check out the doings in Photoville, and catch a show or two. May send in a brief on the spot post if and when appropriate- and do say hello if so inclined...

Once again, thanks to all who drop by to make this little endeavor worthwhile!

Speaking of home...

And if ya made it this far, you may wish you hadn't- something else to think on during the interim... 10 mind chilling scenarios!

OK, OK- couldn't leave everyone in such a foul funk, these make everyone* happy!!! Least, did me, when I had one...
*(who has Pinterest- sorry)

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