Friday, August 8, 2014

More Please!

This is exactly what is needed- serious investigation, scientific investigation of whatever the supposed evidence or data... be it film, video, radar, radiation readings, flight recordings, etc- and let the chips fall where they may. How can a US astronaut, one of the original Right Stuff astronauts no less, claim outright that a UFO landed in a lake bed where he was working, that it was filmed and then given to the Air Force, only to never be seen again- how can he say that without investigation of his "allegation," or... his sanity???

Yeah, the above video's a sham; there are fakes a plenty out there, crazies a plenty too- No freakin' doubt! But if only .001% of all the evidence presented is of extraterrestrial or interdimensional origin- there goes the whole ball of denial right down the tubes. I'll take those odds anytime!


Eric Rose said...

Now if you want to watch a really batshit crazy ufo video watch this one.

Stan B. said...

There are hundreds of even crazier ones, I'm sure... none of it is neither here nor there.

Kean's book (that I linked to) has some of the best documented cases to date that would really profit from serious investigation with some serious resources behind it.

Anonymous said...

Gordon Cooper saw a film of a strange ovoid object floating over the ground near the fence of a military installation. Someone on the base had taken it and it was sent to military HQ and the film was not heard from again. James Oberg investigated this and discovered that a weather balloon had gone astray in that very area that same day, and that it was seen floating *half deflated* (an ovoid shape now) near the ground not far from the base.

Stan B. said...

Uh-huh... Except that this object appeared metallic, and deployed a tripod landing gear on the lake bed before taking off at a fantastic rate of speed (ie- not a weather balloon). Think- if it was a balloon, don't you think they'd be happy to release it and prove what a complete idiot Right Stuff Gordo is?

When he and fellow pilots spotted a squadron of UFO's flying above them, also at a high rate of speed and doing maneuvers that no airplane could do then or now, the official USAF explanation was "high flying seed pods."

And then of course- there's always... Swamp Gas!