Friday, August 15, 2014

And Never The Twain Shall Meet...

Preaching to the choir is, well... just that, so I'll often go beyond my comfort zone to (FWIW) post my views, insights, etc. in more unrestricted waters. Unfortunately, instead of shedding light or being in turn enlightened, the only guarantee is that one will get catch an ample earful of grief. Recently, I went on Petapixel to cast my 2 cents on the shooting at Ferguson. The wingnuts were out a'plenty and I sometimes just like to engage 'em to sharpen my debating skills and hopefully help forestall my inevitable slide into dementia. After several hostile encounters, one particular commenter made a rather sincere inquiry as to what was the "logic" in people rioting and looting as a response to an injustice; I replied:

Who said it was "logical?" It's illogical, emotional, counterproductive. It's taking things out on the closest opportunity available. Kicking the societal dog. When you feel powerless, when your schools are third rate, when there are no jobs but the drug trade and minimum wage jobs that can't pay rent, when you can't afford higher ed even if you make the grades, when you have a well over 90% White police force that doesn't live in your hood oppressing you daily, calling you animals, stopping and abusing you whenever they want- believe it or not... you can do irrational things!

NO--- I'm not excusing it; I'm not condoning it. Understanding something doesn't mean you condone things. That's what Conservatives can't fathom- they can't hold two conflicting thoughts in their simple, little heads at once. Repeat: understanding DOES NOT EQUAL your blessing and support. It's simple science- the more you understand something, the more prepared you are to deal with it and apply a truly effective solution by addressing what causes such episodic violence. But Conservatives like the present scenario of keeping all minorities in ghettos that have next to nothing, so they can continue to play the blame game- they're all animals, it's all their fault!

How many Whites in thousand dollar suits that bankrupted our country did a perp walk? How many Whites in suits went to jail for starting The King Mother of All Riots in Iraq? And yet, people will call me a "racist" for pointing that out.

If you're White and never lived in the inner city, isolated from the rest of society- I don't expect you to understand. But Conservatives will tell you everything about anything and anyone with no direct knowledge whatsoever!

Yeah, I could've definitely been more diplomatic in my language towards Conservatives; unfortunately, diplomacy is often either ignored or taken for weakness in these open air internet forums, making one a target for even more abuse. And here was the predictable Wingnut (not the same commenter) response:

BS. You smug condescending progressive democrat party douche.  
(UpDate: Some of the snarkier comments have since been deleted).


Eric Rose said...

Ah, you love the abuse. Rational discourse took it's final dive with the invention of the "comment" section on the internet.

Stan B. said...

Yeah, 12 years of Catholic school can do that to ya.

At the very least, Comments do tell ya what other people are thinking, even if it's that- they're not thinking.

Actually, more civil follow up below, don't know if they cleaned up on the haters, or what: