Sunday, June 29, 2014

(Not So) Critical Mass?

I was gonna write about what a blatant rip Critical Mass (hosted by Photo Lucida) is with its two tier bait 'em and hook 'em submission payments. But I then seemed to remember(?) that this was previously discussed and debated, and that the general consensus was, that it was, in fact, one of the more legitimate photo competitions, and that it did ultimately live up to its promise of helping photographers, and publicizing their work. Frankly, I have no proof (or recollection) otherwise. So put me down as a... believer.

What's even clearer, however, is that I would have scant possibility of getting past the initial ($79) judging phase* by their bevy of esteemed judges: regardless, it would avail me not since I could scant afford their consequent $200 final judging fee. It's good they are a beneficial force, not so good they serve only those who can afford such benign beneficence.

Yes, yes, I know- ART, is expensive, such has it ever been. But I was already judged by an army of highly qualified judges at The NY Times Portfolio Review earlier this year- and I was soundly rejected, discarded and cast aside by each and every one... for absolutely free!

*actually, a fairly decent chance of getting past the initial review- just to secure the additional revenue (no, my "business acumen" isn't always the best).

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