Sunday, June 15, 2014

China's Wholesale Slaughter Of The Innocents

...20,000 elephants were killed just in Africa in 2013.  -AP

I really don't care if this is politically correct or not, I know the world can't do anything about asinine Americans slaughtering their own with every kind of firearm available- but I do wish the so called "civilized" world would do something, anything to publicly shame, humiliate and hold China accountable for what they're doing to the animal kingdom. In short, China is funding and facilitating the wholesale slaughter, torture and even extinction of entire species: elephants, rhinos, sharks, dogs- you name it... Weak and ineffective laws are not an answer if these animals continue to be slaughtered for their parts, and then continue to be sold "illegally." The consequences must be strong enough to matter, before these animals cease to exist in the wild.

The facilitators and perpetrators of these mass killings must be held responsible before a world court and international law before it's too late. They will not stop funding this slaughter as long as there is one elephant left in the savannah to fashion into a trinket, one shark swimming in the ocean to turn into soup. These merchants of death must be made to lose face and be held to account- financially, legally, morally... Their greed is limitless, these animals are not.

Japan are you listening? ASIA are you!?!?

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