Friday, January 17, 2014

Two Possible Futures....

Double Trouble

Must say, for someone who doesn't even own a digital camera, I'm rather anxious to see the advent of the so called "organic" sensors and their promise to deliver a more film like experience (ie- more middle and highlight values) that could once and for all deliver B&W digital from that cheap, plastic, rather soul less look it so often displays. Hook one of those up in a micro 4/3 body with a small 20mm(e) prime and... but so far- even the latter doesn't exist!

Doesn't get hotter than that!

So I get to thinking, maybe what I really should be looking at (far as the future is concerned) are the two beautiful babes above. Check out those vertical lugs- chick magnets supreme! Imagine, an entire "kit" unto themselves; one for portraits, the other for most everything else! One could walk around, one at each hip like some bad ass, Wild West gunslinger! Actually, the WA version would do for most my needs, thank you very much! And I could very well leave it happily at that if it wasn't for the fact that- gonna need a medium format scanner too. That baby ain't cheap (and neither are the Bessas), flatbeds can't deliver the goods as far as resolution, and sending original negs out in the mail to have them scanned makes for one very queasy feeling at best. Alas, the chick magnet route seems a whole lot more high maintenance and... expensive!

So.... we'll see what happens, and as per usual, be thankful for what we've got.

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