Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fresh Air (w/o Terry Gross)!

At least that's what it felt like for a few days treated to some excellent B&W work over at Lenscratch. Now, I ain't got nothing against color... really. There's just as much mediocre and awful B&W out there as there is color- OK, I totally made that up, I really have no idea what the head count is (neither does anyone else).* But in the midst of the constant deluge of color, it sure was nice to see some exceptional B&W work online during Jan 20-26, particularly that done by Osinski, Yates, and Jordano. The (clothing) styles may be dated, but the work looks a helluva lot more dynamic and vital than some of the milk toast being passed about now...

*Whoa! Hold on there... definitely, indubitably- color, which became the people's norm as of the mid '60s and art's primary go to as of the late '70s, long before the digital (ie- color) avalanche!

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