Sunday, December 22, 2013

Techno Update... X2

Well, hardly- more like a poor, Luddite's fancies...

I really love those iPad Minis- have absolutely no practical use for them, but really do love the things. They are one sleek, light, lovely designed, super piece of technology I've been long time jonesin' for. It's just such a cool goddang toy!!! And so goddamn expensive. Actually, they would come in super handy when traveling, but since I no longer have the $$$ to travel, particularly overseas... like I said- really have no real need of one. None.

But what if I could get me something approximate for considerably less (kinda like what I've been doing with photo equipment for the last few decades)? I've had my eye on 7in tablets for some time, but even the new Nexus 7 costs over two, with cheaper ones all pretty much crap. Then along comes my ASUS 7 for well under $150 (actually, it's at $150 now, check after Xmas sales) with its remarkably positive reviews. I understand it's not tops for 'gaming,' but I've never gamed in my life and don't intend on starting now. It's fine for email, web surfing, storing a few photos (yeah, I took that) to impress strangers at foreign wi-fi cafes while I sip imaginary wine and cappuccinos on my imaginary travels- and it looks just fine, thank you! And did I mention the price, yes-I-did!

And here's something everyone can appreciate- if you write, that is... with a pen, that is. That's right, the manual (digital?) application of ink to paper. I'm talking the PaperMate Profile 1.4B! This little cheapo ballpoint is one absolute, writing pleasure! This little plastic wonder operates WAY ABOVE its price scale in terms of performance, comfort and pure writing pleasure... one SMOOTH customer! Grab a few dozen before they realize they're making something so damn good for so damn cheap... They even got little plastic nibs on the ballpoint you must first remove- classy!

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