Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Card of the Year!!!

The following is blatant, in your face, commercial exploitation...

Not quite the calendar I've yet to make, but a step in the right direction; and must say, I'm rather quite pleased by it! You can make your own cards (and other stuff) quite easily at Zazzle, or better yet, buy mine so that I can continue to live my decadent bourgeois lifestyle while doubling down my commitment to... The War on Christmas!

Photo © S. Banos

Unfortunately, my card printed with a bit of a light streak on one side- Zazzle offered to reprint and pay return postage on their dime (as well they should)- their customer service was both quick and commendable...      UPDATE!


Eric Rose said...

I love it!

Stan B. said...

Thanks, Eric. It was actually kinda fun, and easier than I thought- particularly effective cause the font looks like graffiti (first photo I've cropped in decades).