Friday, October 11, 2013

Pay Your Own Prize!

At this point, everyone knows (one would hope) to check the small print of any competition they may enter for ownership and copyright abuse. THE INTERNATIONAL STREET PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE from EMERGING SCENE however contains one stipulation that had me rolling- The Grand (and only) Prize is $1,000 US; and with that- the winner must: print, mat, frame and mail the winning photograph to a prestigious photographic gallery, museum, institution... some freaking restaurant lounge in Barcelona. Throw in cost of insurance, and if your finished artwork is of any considerable size you just might have enough change left from your winnings to eke out a six pack and toast to your success with your imaginary, international, jet setting, trend setter friends from afar!!!

One would have hoped the "Humanitarian" amongst their judges would have perhaps forfeited a meal and donated the proceeds towards postage. 


Eric Rose said...

Photo contests are for losers. There is absolutely no upside to them.

Stan B. said...

Generally agree. But I think there are a select few that are both legitimate and quite beneficial- and that's coming from someone who enters few, and never wins any. The devil is in the details, and the people at Canteen should be singled out for their dedication to incorporating transparency at every level.